Compositeworks’ expertise and experience in retrofit pool installations for large yachts make it one of their specialities. The “wave effect” has been a long-standing issue with pools on large vessels. The tendency for water to flood over the edges can be somewhat mitigated with careful design but pool shape can only partially solve the problem, as the movement is not just governed by the vessels natural motion, but also by the waves themselves. Similarly the vessel’s styling is not always governed by naval architecture alone!

Compositeworks is currently developing a clever system for collecting and returning the water to the pool in real time. The design team have managed to do this without hampering the styling and usability of the pool, and in full consultation with the vessels original architects. The idea has great potential for larger installations and in the case of a recent retrofit project, Compositeworks doubled the size of the pool. Following some testing and modelling, Compositeworks are optimistic that the system will go a long way to solving the problem altogether. Naval architects from the CW technical office assessed the vessel’s stability and structure to insure safety without hampering the vessel’s seakeeping qualities, and with full consultation with the Ship’s master to retain his preferred loading conditions.