MB92 & Compositeworks are proud to be participating in the 2018 London to Monaco cycle ride, organized by the Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE). This year’s event, starting in London on the 19th September and finishing in Monaco on the 25th to coincide with the start of the Monaco Yacht Show, aims to build on the success of previous years by further raising awareness and funding for several worthy projects aimed at improving our oceans’ well-being.


This fantastic event will be the first opportunity for members from across the different organizations to come together to represent The MB92 Group. Team Captain José- Maria Ros will be joined by Eduardo Castellanos, Jaume Passola, David Omedes and Jordi Torralba from the MB92 Barcelona facilities in Spain, and Ben Mennem and Philippe Groulx will join them from Compositeworks La Ciotat in France. The team will be entering for the first time, aiming to complete the last 3 legs of the trip and hoping to raise a significant amount for the cause.

As part of the international Superyacht community, the MB92 Group understand the implication that the industry has on the environment. Commercial Director, Henk Dreijer confirmed that “This is something we have been interested in being a part of for some time. The BLUE have done so well in encouraging the super yacht sector to become more involved in marine conservation and I am delighted that we are able to participate this year. I am especially pleased as this will be the first opportunity for the varying MB92 group members to collaborate outside of work and for such a good cause.”


There will be crew events leading up to the race as well as sponsorship drives to help support the riders. Collection points have also been set up in the facilities in Spain and France all in a bid to help the team reach their donation target.

It is well documented that our oceans are facing significant challenges that must be met, and with the support of government, business and organizations such as the BLUE progress can be made. Considerable success in conservation projects around the globe has already been achieved, and this year the charity is set to continue this with further work in St Helena, Ascension, Mediterranean and Lyme Bay.

For more information and to get involved in the event, or to see how you can help, please visit www.london-monaco.cc and show your support.

To give a donation to the MB92 Group team, please click on: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?pageId=918976


ABOUT Blue Marine Foundation

Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) exists to restore healthy oceans. Our focus is combatting overfishing by creating marine reserves, establishing new models of sustainable fishing and restoring marine habitats. BLUE’s aim is to see at least 10% of ocean under protection by 2020, with a long-term aim of 30% protected.

Healthy oceans are vital for the future of humanity, not only to provide a future food supply for a growing population, but because complex ocean ecosystems absorb half the planet’s CO2 and produce nearly half its oxygen. Oceans denuded of fish cannot function effectively and are less resilient to climate change, acidification and plastic pollution. But, unlike most other environmental problems, overfishing is relatively easy to solve. BLUE’s projects around the world are designed to be decisive and effective. So far, BLUE has contributed to nearly four million square kilometres of ocean being protected.

The London to Monaco cycle ride has raised over £570,000 in two years for BLUE’s ocean conservation projects around the world including, Ascension, Maldives, Mediterranean, Solent and the Aeolian Islands. This year’s target is £250,000. The third London to Monaco ride has already become the largest to date with 100 riders already signed up and 50 of those riding the whole 7 days. There are still available spots on the ride and opportunities for corporate sponsorship.

To read more about BLUE’s projects and key achievements please see BLUE’s 2017 Review