Compositeworks has integrated a new software suite to combine laser scanning with 3D pipe modelling which can now be viewed “live” in your engine room courtesy of our Oculus Rift 3D Virtual reality goggles.

Virtual reality has been evolving at a fast pace over recent years. Opportunities are promising, not just for 3D gaming but also for engineering. In order to keep up with these innovations Compositeworks has invested in virtual reality goggles that can be combined with our 3D modelling programs to create a totally immersive experience for the user, offering a perspective of the refit project like never before.

This combination allows Compositeworks to scan technical spaces with the accuracy and speed of laser scanning and then process these files with the latest automated 3D systems design software allowing us to build full 3D models as build in no time that can then be viewed in “real size” through the Oculus rift goggles.